HEY NUCLEAR WAR (pornographic_) wrote in the__exploited,


1. Name, age, location: jen, sixteen, pennsylvania
2. 10 favorite bands: Leftover Crack, A Global Threat, The Shins, Neutral Milk Hotel, Abrasive Wheels, All-Time Quarterback, GG Allin, Rilo Kiley, Rites of Spring, Subhumans (I’m pretty diverse when it comes to music.)
3. 1+ band you hate to admit that you listen to: Simon and Garfunkel…I get shit for it all the time.
4. 5 favorite movies: Eloise at the Plaze (it fucking owns <3), Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulin, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State, The Notebook (I think Rachel McAdams is the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen)
5. 4 interesting facts about you:
- I have two jobs, one as a waitress, the other as a secretary
- I play ice hockey.
- I eat more than anyone I know
- My nose itches
6. Most attractive member from the members page, not including a mod or member of the month: If I have to pick one, I’d say xplodedarling because she’s got a really classic, natural beauty.
7. Go to google, type in your name and show us the best picture that comes up: because it looks dirty.
8. Choose your favorite MOD and say something nice about him/her YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE: I got confused because there are different people on the mod’s page than in the info section. If she’s still a mod then _socialxblast_ because I liked almost every single band she had listed in her info. Shes got a pretty face, and cute makeup.
9.What do you think of the Member of the month?(hidinginwords) Mmmm I don’t really know her and it was hard to tell from her livejournal, but I liked some of the bands she had listed. I think she’s got gorgeous eyes, and I can definitely see why she would be chosen member of the month. She’s got really nice features.
10. Put the banner (or just a link) in your info & link us or promote to 2 places:
11. Got a myspace? give us the link myspace
12. 3+ pictures of you (2 MUST be of your face) AND 150x150 for the members page:

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