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1. Name, age, location:Charles. 16. Chicago
2. 10 favorite bands:The Locust,The Blood Brothers,Blonde Redhead,The Faint,Gravy Train!!!,Le-Tigre,Crass,The Exploding Hearts,Johnny Thunders And The Heart Breakers,The Bled
3. 1+ band you hate to admit that you listen to:The Game.
4. 5 favorite movies:Leading the blind, The believer, 9 dead gay guys,A matter of taste, Film
5. 4 interesting facts about you:I like the smell of rain. I enjoy the smell of Coffee but hate the taste. I smoke but I hate when people are smoking around me. I like to color outside the lines.
6. Most attractive member from the members page, not including a mod or member of the month:
7. Go to google, type in your name and show us the best picture that comes up:Image hosted by
8. Choose your favorite MOD and say something nice about him/her YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE: I like her camo shirt. and her hair
9.What do you think of the Member of the month?I think she is very pretty and I like the color of her hair(hidinginwords)
10. Put the banner (or just a link) in your info & link us or promote to 2 places:

11. Got a myspace? give us the link.
12. 3+ pictures of you (2 MUST be of your face) AND 150x150 for the members page:
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

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